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I love to have pizza near me at all times – A True Customer Story

Here is a little story about Ali. Someone who kept on insisting to have “Pizza near me at all times”. Well Ali was someone who lived in North Nazimabad, and he was a pizza fanatic. Everyday, he used to order one pizza from a different place, but he was never able to find the right taste and the right proportions.

Having eaten at almost all the famous pizza places near him, he was slowly starting to lose his interest in the dish, because well, they all started tasting the same. Boring at times. Until one day, he saw an ad on Facebook, about this new place called Rocket Pizza. Being skeptical at first, he was reluctant to order. But then one day when had a really bad experience with another pizza place, he called us up. He was worried, what it might taste like and well, after hearing his story, we decided to invite him over for a free dinner at our restaurant. He was blown away and the rest is now history.

Now, after 4 months of almost daily orders, Ali has become one of our loyal customers and we love him! His feedback is always genuine and to be honest, he has helped us improve our taste dramatically. Now, whenever we think about making a change or adding a new flavor, we usually send him a free sample to give in his genuine feedback. He also helped us track how much time it takes when ordering from Foodpanda instead of ordering directly.

Dear Ali, we are glad to have you as a part of our family and its because of people like you, that we keep on trying to make things even better for everyone when it comes to pizza. Keep being an amazing person.

If you want to try Rocket Pizza, then just follow the link below.

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